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CSCU9YD Technologies for eCommerce Autumn 2017
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Technologies for eCommerce


Module details
Materials Locked - username and password required for off-campus access
Assessment Locked - username and password require for off-campus access

Detailed schedule of classes

Lectures (L) and Practicals (P) Tutorials
Week # Week
Wed at 11.00 3V2/4X5 Thur at 15.00 3V2/4X5 Thur at 10.00 4W3
1 11 Sep L1 Introduction & Overview L2 Servlet Basics in room 4W5
2 18 Sep P1 Basics P1 Basics
3 25 Sep L3 Data Persistence L4 Sessions
4 2 Oct P2 JDBC P2 JDBC T1 HTML, forms in room 4W3
5 9 Oct L4 Sessions L5 JSP
6 16 Oct P3 Sessions I P4 Sessions II
7 23 Oct Mid-semester reading week
8 30 Oct L6 JDBC Extras L7 Configuration T2 Sessions in room 2B48
9 6 Nov P5 JSP P6 Request disp
10 13 Nov L8 JSP beans, taglibs L9 Other Approaches T3 Sessions, history in room 4W3
11 20 Nov P7 Configuration P7 Configuration
12 27 Nov L10 Professional Issues L11 Summary Lecture


Practical in laboratory 4X5
No classes


The first lecture is on Wednesday 13th September 2017.

Lectures will be fortnightly, alternating with practicals. A detailed teaching plan is available above.

Tutorials and Practicals

Practicals will be fortnightly, starting in the week of 18th September. There will be three tutorials during the semester. A detailed teaching plan is available above.

Students attend both practicals. There is no choice of session and so there is no need to sign up.

The achievement of practical checkpoints contributes to the final mark for the module.

Attendance at tutorials and practicals will be recorded. If you are unable to attend a class, then please email the module organizer. The University has a policy of monitoring attendance, and repeated absence will be followed up in order to identify any problems at an early stage and to offer students appropriate support.


There will be one compulsory programming assignment, due to be handed in on Friday 17th November 2017.

Each student will demonstrate their solution to a tutor at the lab sessions in the week of the 20th November 2017.

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Post Computing Science and Mathematics, Faculty of Natural Sciences,
University of Stirling, Stirling, Scotland, FK9 4LA