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Updated 27 Mar 2017 08:00
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Copies of the practical worksheets will be available here, as the module progresses. We do not plan to hand out paper copies. It would make sense for you to try the practical work before the sessions. This will allow you to make the most use of time with the demonstrators to get feedback on your programming and learning.

The first practical is Tuesday 17th January 2017.

Clarification on practical sessions: there are two scheduled sessions per week. This is to provide more support for the practical work. If you get through the work in one hour there is no need to attend the second hour, although we will be noting attendance at both. There will be demonstrator help at each; however, there will be more on Tuesday than on Thursday. We are taking the view that Tuesday is the main practical and Thursday is to catch up.

Checkpoints in the practicals contribute 20% towards your final module grade. This is probably more than your previous modules, so be aware that the work will take longer than previous practicals. Since these are quite long pieces of work, generally, checkpoints will expire 2 weeks after their first issue: you will not be able to get checkpoint 1, for example, beyond February 1st. This is subject to the ultimate deadline of the last practical. Checkpoints in the practicals contribute towards your final module grade. Note also that checkpoints will often require you to do a lot of work outside of class time: treat checkpoints as if they were mini assignments.

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