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Updated 21 Mar 2017 12:20
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 General Information



The course will be centered on class discussion in lectures and tutorials, and practical work. You will be assigned reading to complete before each lecture. This will allow you to participate more fully in class discussions, and allow the lecture to focus on areas of difficulty. This gives feedback to you on your learning, and to the lecturer on what you need.

Reading material will be supplied based on Wilson and Clark, and the main course book (Bansal). Note that there are other suitable books: these will also be referenced in the course. The Internet is of course a rich source of information about programming languages.

We will not be making lecture slides generally available for this module.

Listen Again

The lectures are being recorded and are available via listen again. Please note that these recordings cannot be treated as a replacement for lecture attendance. CSCU9Y4 relies on discussion in class to form your views on language design.

Some selected notes and examples:

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