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You are highly recommended to read Introduction to Programming Languages by Arvind Bansal (CRC Press).

This is not the only plausible book to guide you through language design: there are many others. Obviously the most recent editions are best, but older editions will still be good for the basic concepts.

  • Wilson and Clark: Comparative Programming Languages (SC 10 WIL). This is a very accessible book which covers all the main concepts, and more, but which hasn't been updated in a while.

  • Watt: Programming Language Design Concepts (SC 10 WAT). This is an accessible book which covers all the main concepts, and more.
  • Toal, Rivera, Schneider and Choe: Programming Language Explorations. A language exemplar first approach to programming language concepts. Good if you prefer to infer the concepts from concrete examples. Covers 12 languages. Additional resources.
  • Sebesta: Concepts of Programming Languages (SC 2.1 SEB)
  • Fernandez: Programming Languages and Operational Semantics. This slim volume covers language concepts from a semantics point of view. Suitable for the more mathematical student.
  • Pratt and Zelkowitz: Programming Languages: Design and Implementation (This seems not to be in the library any more.)
  • Louden and Lambert: Programming Languages: Principles and Practice. A good book, presenting the material almost in the reverse order to what is covered in CSCU9Y4. Rather more compiler focussed.

If you have a spare half hour, go to the library and browse the Computing shelves; there are several books there of historical interest as well as books on current languages and future trends.

Particularly recommended are:
An essay called "The Hundred Year Language" by Paul Graham, in Hackers and Painters, SC 8 GRA.

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