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Updated 06 Feb 2017 17:24
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Welcome to the home page for CSCU9Y4, Programming Language Paradigms. This course will run in the spring of 2017. You can gain an idea of what the course is about by looking at the general information, the syllabus and schedule.

CSCU9Y4 aims to give students a flavour of different styles of programming languages, by consideration of general language theory principles, emphasising languages' similarities, and through practical experience of key exemplars, such as Java, Prolog, C++. Students are expected to be familiar with programming in Java. This broad knowledge base puts students in a strong position to learn new languages with ease.

Updated information and announcements relating to this module will appear here. Please bookmark this page and check here for any recent developments.


  • Assessment details released, and schedule slightly amended. See links on left.
  • First classes: will begin on Tuesday 17th January 2017 with a lecture (11am in LTA5) and a lab (2pm in 1A11). Tutorials start in the second week of semester (on Tuesday 26th and Friday 29th January). Note that you will have assigned work to complete before all classes (lectures, tutorials and practicals): see the relevant links on the left for more detail. This is to facilitate discussion and for you to get feedback on your learning. See the Feedback policy. We're all responsible for feedback - you too!
  • Clarification on practical sessions: there are two scheduled sessions per week. This is to provide extra support for those who wish it. If you get through the work in one hour there is no need to attend the second hour, although we will be noting attendance at both. There will be demonstrator help at each; however, there will be more on Tuesday than on Thursday. We are taking the view that Tuesday is the main practical and Thursday is to catch up.
  • Please consider signing up to be class rep for CSCU9Y4. We value student feedback. You can do this via Succeed.
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