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CSCU9P6 Software Engineering II Spring 2017
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Software Engineering II





Text Books


  • Software Engineering (9th edition, 2010), I Sommerville. Pearson, ISBN 0-137-05346-0(recommended).
  • Using UML: Software Engineering with Objects and Components (2nd edition), P Stevens, Addison-Wesley, 2006, ISBN 0-321-26967-5 (recommended).
  • UML Distilled, 3rd Edition, Martin Fowler, Addison Wesley 2003, ISBN13: 9780321193681, ISBN10: 0321193687
  • Software Abstractions, 2nd edition, D Jackson, MIT Press, 2011, ISBN 0262017156 (highly recommended)
  • Software Project Management, 5th or 4th edition, Hughes and Cotterell, McGraw-Hill (highly recommended)

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