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CSCU9B1 - Essential Skills for the Information Age Checkpoints Autumn 2017








Checkpoints are tasks to be completed in each practical session. At the end of the module you will receive a grade for checkpoints based on the number of checkpoints completed (so you don't have to do them all to get a grade, but clearly the more you do, the better the grade you get).

If you miss a checkpoint, do the work in your own time and get the checkpoint marked at the next opportunity. Checkpoints will be taken up to two weeks after the scheduled class for that checkpoint. For example, if a checkpoint is scheduled in the week beginning 19th September then it must be completed by the end of the week beginning 3rd October. This applies up to the end of the teaching period, at which point all checkpoints must be completed by the last workshop. Checkpoints will not be taken after that.

Checkpoints are worth 45% of your final mark.

You can check your attendance record and your checkpoint record via the register program (available on Groups on Wide) at any time. Use the View menu.

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