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Welcome to CSCU9B1: Essential Skills for the Information Age

Computers are a vital part of our everyday lives, and the ability to use computers to communicate your ideas is a crucial transferable skill, making employees more attractive in the job market. CSCU9B1 is designed to allow non-specialists in Computing Science to gain a high level of competence in a broad range of practical WWW and ICT skills using standard software packages that are popular in industry. Practical skills can only be learnt through doing: the module is taught mainly through computer-based practical classes on subjects such as building web pages with impact using XHTML and CSS, producing presentations and web pages incorporating stylish graphics and multimedia, and effective use of word processing and spreadsheet packages. Lectures provide background understanding of computer systems and networks, and web design.

This module will run in Autumn 2016.

For further information consult the syllabus and schedule from the menu at the left.


Information and announcements relating to this module will appear here. Please bookmark this page and check here for recent developments.

  • The marks and feedback for the WWW assignment are now available here.

  • The marks and feedback for the Spreadsheets Test are now available here.

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