CSC9YA (Language Implementation) Syllabus



Learning Outcomes

Students will learn:

Contents (15 lectures - half module)


In order to pass this module you must submit all items of coursework and attend the examination.

In this module the prescribed classes are the tutorials and practicals. Failure to attend at least two-thirds of prescribed classes will result in the module grade being capped at a maximum of 3C for that module, unless good cause for missing those classes can be shown. Responsibility for showing good cause lies with the student.

Non-submission of any single item of assessed coursework will result in the award of No Grade for the module as a whole. If you cannot meet the assignment hand-in deadline and have good cause, please see the coordinator to explain your situation and ask for an extension. Coursework will be accepted up to five days after the hand-in deadline (or expiry of any agreed extension) but the grade will be lowered by one grade point per day or part thereof. After five days the work will be deemed a non-submission and will receive No Grade.

A student who is unable to attend the main examination must apply to the Student Programmes Office for a deferred examination. If this is not granted, the examiners may allow a repeat examination.

Only students who obtain an overall 4 grade following the main examination are eligible for a repeat examination. The grade awarded following a repeat examination is capped at 3C.



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