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Module software

In this module we make use of the following specialist software:

Borland Together 2008

This is a powerful UML design tool, with "round trip" engineering of Java code:

  • UML diagrams can be built, and the corresponding outline Java code will be generated and kept up to date when the diagrams are modified.
  • Conversely, UML diagrams can be built from existing Java code, and are kept up to date when the Java is modified.

Together is installed in the Division's PC labs, but is also available free of charge for Computing Science students to install on their own equipment from the Divisional file servers. Instructions are available here. Basically: the file server folder at \\\student\Software\apps\Together contains both the Together installer and a license file. Copy the installer and license onto a memory stick, take home and install. Or email them to yourself, or use CampusNet to access the server.

There are various alternatives, with varying degrees of functionality, and varying costs:

Eclipse with Java Development Tools

Together also contains the Java Development Tools, including JUnit, so Java software development can be done within Together (taking advantage of the multiple views of the system under development given by Together's round-trip engineering).

Eclipse is installed in the Division's PC labs, but can be downloaded free of charge for your own equipment from - look for the Eclipse IDE for Java Developers on the downloads page. (There are other Eclipse based IDEs too - explore, or you can add extra extensions later to your basic installation).

Subclipse - Eclipse extension

Eclipse in the Division's PC labs also has the Subclipse extension installed, to allow access to collaborative working on Subversion servers.

You can install Subclipse in your own Eclipse either by searching for Subclipse on the Eclipse web site, or using the Eclipse Marketplace facility in the Help menu of your Eclipse installation.

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