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CSCU9A2 Programming and User Interface Design Spring 2018
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Programming and User Interface Design



Module Overview

This module extends and deepens the study of Java, started in CSCU9A1, including how programming language constructs are implemented in machine instructions at CPU level, the design of interactive graphical user interfaces, data processing algorithms, and an introduction to object orientation in Java. The module also introduces the study of good user interface design for applications and for web sites, covering principles, practical guidelines and the legal, ethical and practical issues of accessibility for the disabled.


Information and announcements relating to this module will appear here. Please bookmark this page and check here for recent developments.

  • This module will next run in Spring 2018.
  • The syllabus details from Spring 2017 can be seen here: syllabus
  • The details are expected to be substantially the same.
  • Keep watching for updates as the semester approaches.
  • All further information about this module will appear on Canvas.

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Contact Details
Module coordinator    Email - Room 4B121 - Tel 01786 467434
Mail Computing Science and Mathematics, School of Natural Sciences,
University of Stirling, Stirling, Scotland, FK9 4LA