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CSCU9A1 has moved to Canvas! Some old material is still available here. Autumn 2016
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has moved to Canvas! Some old material is still available here.





Group wiki assignment

Full details of this assignment will be provided via Canvas.

Overview of the Group Wiki Assignment

The purpose of the group wiki assignment to explore social and professional issues affecting IT professionals and computing scientists. Each student is assigned to a wiki group dedicated to a particular topic. Each student must make a significant contribution to their group's wiki and must give a presentation on their topic during a tutorial session after the mid-semester break.

Each student's contribution to the group wiki is estimated using a number of indicators provided by Succeed. Each wiki as a whole is given a grade, and then each student in the wiki group is given an individual grade calculated from the overall wiki grade and the student's estimated contribution. The individual grade counts towards the student's final grade for CSCU9A1.

Here are some slides on how to give a good talk from a presentation by David Marco. Slides 4 and 5 are examples of what not to do, with slide 7 showing the recommended approach.

The group wiki and accompanying presentation are module requirements. If you do not participate sufficiently in the development of the wiki, or do not give a presentation, you will receive No Grade for the module. This rule may be relaxed for students who can show good cause for failure to fulfil a requirement. ‘Good cause’ may include illness (for which a medical certificate or other evidence will be required).