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has moved to Canvas! Some old material is still available here.






What are checkpoints?

Checkpoints are set tasks to be completed as part of your practical work. Each practical worksheet contains up to 3 checkpoints. At the end of the module you will receive a grade for checkpoints based on the number of checkpoints completed: the more checkpoints you do, the better the grade you will get.

Checkpoint deadlines

The checkpoints on a worksheet must be completed by (roughly) 3 weeks after the worksheet is handed out. Exact deadlines are stated on the worksheets. Students who need an extension (for a good reason, such as illness) must contact the coordinator.

Getting help

Lab demonstrators (lecturers or postgraduate students) are available to help you during scheduled practical classes. Demonstrators can answer your questions, explain things you do not understand, and help you solve any problems you encounter. However they cannot do the work for you!

Recording checkpoints

Checkpoints must be recorded by a lab demonstrator in order for you to receive credit for them. Practical work can be done at any time (the labs are open 24/7) but checkpoints can only be recorded during a scheduled CSCU9A1 practical session. Please do not ask lab demonstrators to record your checkpoints at other times as they will be unable to do so. You can use the Register program in the labs at any time to see how many completed checkpoints are on your record.

Difficulty levels

Checkpoints are marked with difficulty levels (1-3 stars). These are to be interpreted as follows:

☆ most students can complete the checkpoint with little help
☆ ☆ most students can complete the checkpoint with varying amounts of help
☆ ☆ ☆ the checkpoint is challenging and many students will need help to complete it

Time requirements

Checkpoints are also marked with time requirements (1-3 stars). Note that practical sessions alone do not give you enough time to complete the checkpoints. Much of the work will have to be done in your own time, outside of scheduled classes. The time requirements are estimates to help you manage your time, and are interpreted as follows:

☆ can be completed in under 1 hour by most students
☆ ☆ requires up to 2 hours work for most students
☆ ☆ ☆ requires at least 3 hours work (and possibly a lot more) for most students