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CSC932/CSCM32: Programming and User Accessibility Text Books Spring 2012


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The text books for Spring 2012 are:

  • "Java for Students", 6th edition, D Bell & M Parr, Prentice Hall 2010, ISBN 9780273731221
    (This is an essential purchase. Note: Editions earlier than the 4th are NOT suitable.)
  • "Java Demystified", J Keogh, McGraw-Hill 2004, ISBN 9780072254549 (background reading).
    Available as an ebook through the Library Catalogue.
  • "Beginner's Guide to Programming Logic and Design: Introductory", 6th edition, J Farrell, CENGAGE 2011, ISBN 9780538798464 (background reading).
  • "The Design of Everyday Things", D Norman, Basic Books, 2002, ISBN 9780465067107 (background reading).
  • "Don't Make Me Think: A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability", 2nd edition, S Krug, New Riders (Peachpit Press), 2006, ISBN 9780321344755 (background reading).
    Available as an ebook through the Library Catalogue.

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