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Updated 17 Nov 2011 20:49
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The final exam for this module is an an online multiple-choice quiz on the systems, networks and hypertext materials. It will test your knowledge of the material of the 6 Systems lectures, the 3 Networks lectures, and the 4 Hypertext lectures and their associated practicals. The test is an OPEN BOOK test. This means that you can have your notes (hard-copy) and books with you: you don't have to remember all those acronyms. You must still study your notes and the course book beforehand; there will not be enough time during the test to look up the answer for every question. You will not be allowed to use Internet browsers during the test other than to access the Succeed-based test.

The systems and networks test will occur on Tuesday 6th December 2pm-4pm in 1A11/13. Please make sure to attend the session promptly and to bring your student ID card.

The exam will be delivered via Succeed. The test will be 40 minutes for each student: we book a longer session to ensure any technical difficulties can be easily overcome.

The exam is worth 25% of your grade for CSC931.

You must attend the exam in order to pass the module. If you are unable to attend, you must apply to the Student Programmes Office for a deferred exam.

If you are allowed a repeat examination (First Degree Regulations, Regulation 11), then the final grade is obtained from the mark for that repeat examination together with the original marks for the remaining assessments. The grade obtained following a repeat examination is limited to 3C at best, and will not be lower than the original grade.

To give you an example of the level of questions, there is a short quiz of 20 questions in Succeed (see under Teaching Materials). (The full exam will have 30 questions.) The individual questions are representative of typical test questions. Note that some questions are more challenging than others: the exam on the 6th December will also have a mix of challenging and slightly easier questions.

Information Services have produced a guidance document for students taking on-line tests.

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