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Updated 03 Nov 2011 10:32
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There will be an Alice programming test on 4th November 2011. This test is worth 25% of your grade for CSC931.

The test will take place in the computer lab at your usual Friday practical time. It is an open book test and will consist of some practical tasks in creating and modifying an Alice animation. "Open book" means that you will be allowed to consult your Alice textbook, lecture notes, tutorial worksheets and solutions, practical worksheets and past practical work. You can bring along printed copies of this material or view it online. Do not rely on this as a substitute for studying! You will not have enough time to look up the answers during the test if you are not already familiar with the material.

You are expected to take the test at the practical session that you signed up for. If you turn up to the wrong session it will not be possible to take the test.

The Alice test is a module requirement. If you do not take the test you will get no grade for CSC931.

Attendance It is your responsibility to make sure you attend the test. We will not vary the time of the test to accommodate holidays, sleeping through alarm clocks, car parking problems, and so on. If you are forced to miss the test because of illness or some other good reason, please contact the module coordinator as soon as possible.

Getting help during the test Demonstrators will be present at the test but will only be able to provide limited types of help. They will be able to answer questions about how to interpret the test paper, and will help to deal with any computer breakdowns or mishaps that arise (such as if you get error messages when saving your work). They may also be able to answer very specific questions about using the Alice IDE (for example, if you know that you need the "random number" function but can't remember exactly where to find it, the demonstrators will be able to say "Look in the world's functions"). However they will not be able to help with solving the problems you will be set or designing the logic of your program.

Revision: you should go over your Alice lectures, tutorials and practicals, making sure you understand everything. The test will cover the content of Alice lectures 1-4 and Alice practicals 1-4, plus some of the string handling material at the end of Alice practical 5. It will not include event handling or Java.

Sample Test When you feel confident, practice by trying out last year's test After you have finished, you can compare your solution with a sample solution. Do not cheat! Do your best to complete the test on your own before peeking at the solution.

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