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Updated 12 Sep 2011 15:06
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Checkpoints are tasks to be completed in each practical session. At the end of the module you will receive a grade for checkpoints based on the proportion of checkpoints completed (so you don't have to do them all to get a grade, but clearly the more you do, the better the grade you get). Checkpoints are worth 25% of your grade for CSC931.

You must attain at least 4C in the checkpoints component to get a grade for CSC931. This equates to 7 of the 16 checkpoints available.

If you miss a checkpoint, do the work in your own time and get the checkpoint marked at the next opportunity. Although attendance at practical sessions is recorded, it is not used to calculate your overall grade.

You are advised to try to stay as up to date with checkpoints as possible during the semester, otherwise you may find it impossible to catch up. The very last chance to catch up on checkpoints will be the labs on 28th and 29th November 2011; however, you are advised to try to stay as up to

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