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Updated 31 Aug 2011 21:55
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The schedule for Autumn 2011 is now available. Some general points are made below.

Note that not all practical and tutorial sessions mentioned on the University Timetable will be running.

Lectures: You will attend 2 lectures every week

Lecture slides are not complete resources in themselves; you have to take notes in lectures, and read around the subject in your own time.

Practical Laboratory Classes (Practicals): You will attend 2 practicals every week.

Each practical session is 1 hour long. You will be given handouts with practical tasks to carry out. Demonstrators will be available to answer any questions you have. If you do not finish the work in the class, then you should finish it in your own time. You may also want to consolidate what you have learned by going through the sheet a second time. In each practical worksheet there will be a checkpoint. You have to show a demonstrator that you have completed the practical work for that session. If you do not manage to reach the checkpoint, then you should finish the work in your own time and get the checkpoint marked next session. Checkpoints contribute 25% of your final grade.

Tutorials: You will attend 1 tutorial (most weeks)

Each tutorial is 1 hour long. Three tutorials are on issues; these are to make you think about the social and legal aspects of computers in our lives. You have to prepare a group wiki on the assigned topic and deliver a presentation about this in class. This will be followed by a discussion. The three other tutorials are question and answer sessions to back up the lectures on programming and on systems. You should prepare the answers in advance of the class.


Assessment is split evenly between the checkpoints, the issues wiki, an Alice test and a test on systems, networks and hypertext which take place during the examinations period.

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