Instructions for authors.

The papers will be published in a special issue of IJNS. Papers should not exceed 6 pages. (but note that the two column format is much denser than the earlier formats suggested).

The publishers support Latex2e: if you do not use this, currently, information about it (it's free) is available. It runs happily on a SUN.

We have all the files you should require here.

Send the files to:

FAX (44) 1786 464551
Tel (44) 1786 467436

Mrs. Fiona MacNicol
Department of Computing Science and Mathematics,
University of Stirling,
Stirling FK9 4LA,

If you do not use Latex2e, I suggest the following . Either start using it (!) or produce something which looks as near identical to the postscript version as possible. If you can't read postscript, I can send you a copy (email me and ask). Basic information is:

2-column text, with title, authors affiliations and abstract across whole page.

Computer Modern Font (CMF). But the closest you will probably find is Times Roman.

Text Sizes:
Title: 14 point bold, capitalised, centred.
Authors names and affiliations: 10 point small capitals. Centred.
Abstract: 8 point, single column, 150mm width.
Headings: numbered, 1, 2. 10 point bold
Subheadings: 2.1, 2.2
Sub-sub headings: un-numbered
Main text 10 point
Figures numbered sequentially. Captions for figures below figures, in 8 point
Footnotes: separated from text by a line of half the column width, 8 point.

Document sizes:
So far as I can make out:

Text is in columns of 221mm  (8.7 inch) length, with the whole text area (both columns together) of 170mm (6.7 inch), separated by 8mm (0.3125 inch). On A4 paper, leave a top margin of 32mm, a bottom margin of 39mm, and a left and right margin of 20mm.

Place the title 56mm from the top of the page. Leave 9mm between title and authors names.

No page numbers

If you have problems email me, or phone me. ( (+44 1786 467435)

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